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The Story Of Keyboard Lab

Timber started out very different. Several years ago, we created a rendering of a fully wooden ergonomic keyboard. The model was beautiful, but producing a fully wooden keyboard is very difficult and costly. Despite these setbacks, we never completely gave up on the idea of creating a beautiful wooden keyboard.

Our goal with Keyboard Lab is to make beautiful keyboards. We believe the mechanical keyboards should not be only for gamers or enthusiasts. Mechanical keyboards should be accessible and desirable to anyone who types regularly (and that's just about everyone). 

All of our keyboards will abide by 3 principles. 

1. Beautiful design - Most of us spend a huge portion of our lives with our hands on a keyboard. For that keyboard to be aesthetically pleasing is a quality of life upgrade that we all deserve. 

2. Customization - Everyone uses their computers and keyboards for different tasks. Therefore, every keyboard should be customizable to make the user's job as easy as possible. 

3. Premium Build Quality - We will use the best quality materials that we can. Nobody wants to have to replace their keyboard due to damage or defects. 

Most of all, we want to champion mechanical keyboards to the broader market. The larger the mechanical keyboard community grows, the more exciting innovations we will be able to see. 



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